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Thoughts on Vim and Sublime Text

Spurred by a reddit post a lot of people started laying out their thoughts over Vim vs Sublime Text. With some heated arguments and rebuttals going around. So I am going to write down some of my reasoning so far on the Vim vs Sublime debate. | more

Moving to LXQt

So It seems I am now an LXQt user. Not sure how long this will last, but so far I'm having fun using a minimalist Desktop Environment that packs all the features I need. | more

SSH puddle jumping with skyhook

Ever wanted to hop into a target machine using ssh going through a middle box, i.e. anything that beats having to repeatedly call ssh from one machine into the next. There are a couple of setups going around for using ProxyCommand+netcat, but what if you want the server to decide the next hop. | more

On group chat, chan42 and other things

A while ago pgf and I started this endless discussion about how the centralisation of the Internet in some key services seems to be stifling some of the giddiness of the old days (by old I mean the nineties). We don't necessarily agree on all of this, specially since there is usually beer involved in such discussions, but here is my spin over it. | more

Booting Raspberry Pi Root in read-only

So last week a lot of people around here were looking into how to boot a raspberry pi with the SD card partition in read only mode - this came after a couple of annoying data losses. | more

C(99) preprocessor tricks

On account of a recent project i've been working on, I had the chance to program a bit of C, something I have not done in a while. This is turn led me to think about macros, and how some of the features in C99 came together to help me a bit. | more

Open attachments in Mutt with your desktop apps

Yes I'm a proud Mutt user, say what you will about user interfaces but no mail client in the known universe can compare to the awesomeness of Mutt. | more

OBEXFTP and the elusive error code 64

I was trying to push some files into my Nokia this morning and failed miserably at it ... | more

Agile diagrams with seqdiag

If you happen to work on research, you'll find that diagrams drawing takes a big chunk of your time. And even worse after several hours carefully drawing your diagram, you come to realise two things: | more

Portable Vim settings

Several people have acquired the habit of keeping their Vim settings under version control and sharing those settings as git/mercurial repositories. Generally people do this for three reasons: | more

Development stack choices

A while ago I was having a discussion with some colleagues about which development tools do you use, for each job. The end result, three diagrams that more or less resume my usual approach to choosing development tools. | more

git workflow: pushing to multiple repositories in sync

Recently I've been keeping an eye out for a solution to keep multiple git repositories in sync. I've already discussed mirroring repositories in a previous post. But in this case what I was looking for was the ability to push branches into multiple remote repositories, in one command. | more

Python awesomeness in a Flask

While I was working on updating blogpit, I discovered this wonderful web microframework called Flask. Naturally it is python and of course it is awesome. I was immediately attracted to Flask for two reasons: First it has a lot in common with Django, and second it strives to be simple. | more

The Magic backup script

After looking high and low for a decent backup application I ended up giving up, and making my own bash script using rsync. I'm highly dependant on client initiated remote backups, and it seems there are not many solutions like that out there. | more

Git Workflow: obsessing over data

Don't panic, this is not yet another Internet post on how should you use git, well it actually is, but only slightly. So on Monday I was stressing with some co-workers that they should commit often, in small incremental changes (etc, etc, common sense and puppies). But at the same time I was also annoying someone to commit and push a considerable changeset, for fear of disk corruption, which happened before. | more

2 days with Android

After being annoyed with some show-stopping bugs at work, I decided to take two days out of my life and tackle a major Bluetooth related BUG() we had in our Android application. Being the first time I tried to develop for android I was concerned I would have to use Eclipse, and loose my Vim-powered productivity. | more

Slides with inkscapeslide

I've been growing fond of using inkscape for drawing content for my slides. Figures, sequence diagrams and weird charts all end up going through inkscape, either drawn from scratch or just for some graphical fixes before they end up on the final slides. | more

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